Farah Vohra

POST-TITLE-PICT-01 Farah was born on 4th November 1992, at the Seventh Day Hospital, with Down syndrome, to Nilofer and Farooq Vohra. They were informed of her condition just after birth, and according to them they were briefed very well. Farah, second in line of three siblings, started going to a playschool for special children at age two and a half years, as soon as she could sit.

A Shining Star – Farah Vohra

POST-TITLE-PICT-02 Life is a beautiful gift from GOD and in fact it depends on how important you take things and handle them in life. Children play a very important role in everyone’s life and life without them is being considered incomplete. Each and every child requires special attention which leads to a healthy and intelligent grooming and successful future after.

Pakistan at the Special Olympics

POST-TITLE-PICT-03 The contingent built on the performance of previous Pakistani teams that have always given a good performance in the Games; four years ago Pakistani athletes won 43 medals in Shanghai.

Pakistan chosen as torch bearer at the Special Olympics

POST-TITLE-PICT-04 From the Newspaper | 25th June, 2011 KARACHI: Pakistan received a huge honour on the eve of the Special Olympics World Games in Athens when it was selected to carry the Olympic Torch from among the 185 participating countries at the historic opening ceremony scheduled for Saturday evening.

Special Olympics 2011: Vohra lights up the torch, boosts squad morale

POST-TITLE-PICT-05 From a Pakistani contingent of 82 members at the Special Olympics World Games 2011, all eyes were fixed on the 18-year-old swimmer Farah Vohra — as she stepped third in line at the podium to light the torch at the opening ceremony.

Special Olympics: Talented Farah can swim to glory in Athens

POST-TITLE-PICT-06 Eighteen-year-old Farah Vohra is the only girl in Pakistan’s five-member special swimming team leaving for Athens, Greece, on Monday to compete in the Special Olympics World Summer Games


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